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Service is of paramount importance at Mindtime Backup. Like a good backup, to our opinion regarding good service is self-evident.

Often we hear from our customers that this commitment to service is not as clear at other backup providers. This is also an important reason for IT-companies and entrepreneurs to choose Mindtime Backup as the service provider for their backup. Often they have had less than good or even just plain bad experiences with other backup providers, because their accessibility was poor. Sometimes their communication runs through foreign call centres, which may also have less trained and educated personnel. These are situations you will not be confronted with at Mindtime Backup.

We offer our partners and customers various ways to contact our Mindtime Backup support team. Our well-trained support engineers stand by your side in word and deed. You can reach them by chat and by phone. If needed, they can also support you through TeamViewer. Also, they are absolute specialists in their field. You will experience it for yourself if you need them unexpectedly.

Mindtime acts pro-active

At the same time, Mindtime Backup is one of the few companies that also works in a truly proactive way. Do not be surprised if you receive a call from one of our employees to help you remember to check that all your backups are up to date, advise you about the correct settings, or report that a backup has not been run for a while – which can be due to several causes. Maybe a customer has switched off the automatic backup plan but forgotten to start it manually on a periodic basis. Perhaps directories have been moved or deleted and not yet changed over in the backup scheme.

Experience our support

With our outstanding support, you can even save money. We also advise you about the best backup methods and settings, even if for us that means that you need to reserve less backup space on our servers, because this can save you money.

For our partners

Do you, as a (future) partner, want to make an appointment, receive support on location or a specified training in the Mindtime Management System for your staff? We are there for you. Just contact us for more information or to make an appointment. Or leave your phone number and we will call you.

P.S. For a personal appointment you need to be located in the Netherlands or near the Dutch border in Germany or Belgium.

So at Mindtime Backup you never stand alone. We do it together! Our team is standing by to support you every workday if needed. Experience it for yourself!

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