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As entrepreneur/self-employed freelancer you are welcome as customer at Mindtime Backup!

If you are a retailer, self-employed freelancer, doctor, dentist, notary, lawyer, broker, administrator, mechanic, producer or any other professional user, you need a good backup to ensure continuity for your company if something goes wrong on the IT-side. Mindtime Backup is the right backup company for you. We offer solutions for entrepreneurs, small- and middle-sized companies, self-employed freelancers and other professionals. If you want to use our backup solutions, you can ask your IT-service provider or contact us directly. We will find the ideal partner who can supply you with Mindtime Backup products and services.

Your IT-service provider uses our unique Mindtime Management System (MMS) to manage your backups. They rely on the support of our staff, through which you are assured a good and reliable backup. You can also contact our support team directly. We are the service provider you can contact with ease.

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