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Online & Cloud Backup

Can you imagine: "What happens when I lose my company data?" and: "...how can I restore my lost data?" "How fast can my employees start working again?" Your data is a very important part of your company. Therefore, Mindtime Backup offers you the safest and most reliable solutions to prevent data loss.

We can offer you the following options

  Number of devices * Storage **
PC BackupPC Backup one two
PC BoxPC Box one one
Pro BackupPro Backup multiple two
VM BackupVM Backup multiple one
VM BoxVM Box one one

*  A license is required per device.
** Number of data centers where your data is stored.

   Product Specifications

Is your data safe in the cloud

With our safe and certified ISO/IEC 27001 Online & Cloud Backup solution, backups from your data(bases) run automatically every day. The backed up data is locally encrypted and then stored in Mindtime Backup’s datacenters through the Internet. You can retrieve your data at any time and, when necessary, we are standing by to offer support.

Using the Mindtime Backup solution, you no longer need to worry about the security of your data. Whether you are concerned about the risk of fire, water damage, burglary or cybercrime through a virus or ramsomware by a cryptolocker, your data is safe on Mindtime Backup servers in large datacenters in the Netherlands or Germany (depending on your location). Your data cannot be safer than this!

The benefits of our Online Backup

  • Good, stable ‘state of the art’ online backup software
  • Simple installation
  • Daily or even hourly backups of your selected data
  • Your data is sent to our servers through a secure https connection
  • The data will be safely encrypted with your personal encryption key and stored in very well secured and certified Dutch or German datacentres (depending on where you are located) on Mindtime Backup servers. We make use of the very safe 256-bit EAS encryption technology for encoding your data. Decryption is only possible with the use of the encryption key, which you alone hold. This way, you are the only one that has access to the data. No one else can read your data, not even us. Now that’s secure!
  • Recover your data worldwide through our customer interface in your web browser
  • Daily e-mail reports summarise your backup along with any possible issues and warnings
  • High-quality technical support by our own well-trained engineers
  • Mindtime Backup is ISO/IEC 27001 certified. We take perfect care of your data and we keep it safe and secure

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Product specifications for Online Backup

Whether you are backing up one computer, several computers and/or (virtual) servers or Office 365 and other cloud applications, Mindtime Backup offers you the tailored solution you need.

To backup a single computer or laptop you’ll choose PC Backup. If you need to back up more than one computer/server, you’ll choose Pro/VM Backup. For backing up cloud applications, you can choose the kind of backup that best suits your needs. And of course we are always there to advise you and to help you decide which solution is the right one for you!

In any given situation your data will be stored in Dutch or German datacenters on Mindtime Backup servers. Our datacenters are located in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. Where your data will be stored depends on where you are located.

Underneath you find the extensive possibilities of our software.

Backup data types PC Pro/VM
File (free choice)    
IBM Lotus Notes    
Outlook / Outlook Express / Windows Live Mail    
Windows System    
MS365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams
*Up to 2 user mailboxes can be backed up per account
IBM Lotus Domino    
Microsoft Exchange Server (database, brick-level, DAG)    
Microsoft SQL Server    
MySQL Database    
MariaDB Database    
Oracle Database    
Synology NAS    
Hyper-V (standalone, cluster)    
Windows System State    
Linux Bare Metal    
Tibero database    


Support cloud & local storage PC Pro/VM
Google Drive / Google Cloud Storage    
Microsoft Azure    
Microsoft OneDrive / OneDrive for Business    
OpenStack (support IBM Softlayer)    
Amazon S3    
Amazon AWS Compatible Storage    
FTP / SFTP    
USB drive / local drive / mapped network drive    


Comprehensive backup features PC Pro/VM
Run Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) in client    
Write backup/restore logs to Windows Event Log    
In-File Delta incremental / differential backup    
Remove server-side backup data from client    
Multiple backup sets
* 2 backup sets, 1 local and 1 cloud
Backup filter    
Simple retention policy by days or backup jobs    
Continuous backup for files in Windows    
Continuous backup for VMs and databases    
Advanced flexible retention policy    
CLI tool    


Easy restoration PC Pro/VM
Point in time restore    
Search for files or folders to restore    
Restore anywhere through restore client    
Restore VMware Guest VM to raw files in VMDK format    
Restore Hyper-V Guest VM to another server or cluster    
Granular restore for VMware / Hyper-V    


Speed boosting PC Pro/VM
In-file delta (backup only changes)    
User configurable compression    


Security/privacy PC Pro/VM
Generated 256-bit random encrypting key    
User provided custom encryption key    
Locally encrypted data sent over a 256-bit SSL connection    


Support common Operating Systems PC Pro/VM
Windows desktop editions    
Windows server editions    
DSM (Synology)    
QTS (QNAP)    


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