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Why use Mindtime Backup

You might wonder: “Why Mindtime Backup?” There are many online backup providers, pothunters, large corporations, small companies, and there is Mindtime Backup.

We would like to tell you why choosing Mindtime Backup might be the best choice for you as a small or middle-size company or as self-employed entrepreneur if you are looking for a reliable backup of a Microsoft, Apple or Linux system. Mindtime Backup offers the services that meet your needs and demands as a business user.

Data security

Mindtime Backup is also one of few companies that ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 (Dutch standard for data-security in healthcare) certified. We have met the high standards required by Dekra (recognised certifier), which means we can handle your data in the way you would expect from a certified company. Data security and privacy are guaranteed.

The datacenters we work with are also certified and well secured both digitally and physically.


For us, it is important to deliver outstanding service to our customers. We stand side by side with your IT-provider. If it is about your backup settings or retrieving your data, we are available for you and your IT-provider!

And if your IT-service provider is unable to help you at any given moment, you can contact us directly! For us it is of the utmost importance that the customer receives support when they need it. Mindtime Backup and their partners take care of that together.

Independent and Dutch

After the consolidation era in the Dutch online-backup market, Mindtime Backups was one of few survivors as a professional, independent Dutch company. We are a different company. We are dedicated to quality, service and continuity for the Dutch-, Belgian-, Luxemburg- (also known as Benelux Union), German-, Austrian and Swiss (also known as D/A/CH) markets.

As mentioned above, we are an independent company, and we wish to remain so. It is an important part of our strategy, and you can rely on that.

Of course we have our own servers in Dutch (Amsterdam) and German (Düsseldorf) datacenters that meet our own demands and high standards. So you never need to ask yourself where your data is stored, or who has access to it.

Unique management system

For your IT-service provider, our partner, Mindtime Backup has developed a unique system for managing customers’ backups: the Mindtime Management System (MMS). This MMS has been developed with input of our partners and meets their demands far better than the standard management systems provided by large companies. Your IT-service provider can handle your requirements through the MMS without having to visit your establishment. This way you can concentrate on your venture but also be assured of a good and safe backup. That’s what we stand for!

Search and find

The first important thing in the modern internet era is finding your way. We did our utmost to help you find us, without too much effort, through search engines like Google and we hope that we succeeded. You’ll find us even if you search for back-up, cryptolocker, database restore, cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Hyper-V, VMware, Exchange, self-employment or restoring data.

Choose Mindtime Backup too

Customership of Mindtime Backup offers you many advantages:

  • Remote management of your backup by your IT-serviceprovider.
  • Mindtime Backup is ISO 27001 certified.
  • Safe backup of your customer's data in dutch datacenters.
  • You have a good, reliable and affordable backup.
  • For small and mid-sized companies.

If you are looking for a good backup and peace of mind, as self-employed entrepreneur / small business / retailer or middle-sized company you should choose Mindtime Backup. Ask your IT-service provider if they are already Mindtime Backup partners or contact us directly. We are happy to help you.

Mindtime Backup is the best backup there is!

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