1. Data security

Data security

One of the main topics in a time of absolute global digitalisation is data security. Almost every day you hear or read about hacker attacks on governments or companies. Even private individuals and small companies, entrepreneurs and resellers are not safe.

We hear it regularly. A customer has been hit by computer crime. Almost every week we speak to our partners on the phone while they are restoring a customer’s data because of a cryptolocker. When a cryptolocker strikes, you cannot use your files any more. But there is also data-loss due to fire, burglary or even a personal mistake made by yourself or an employee.

As an entrepreneur you do not want to think about these situations, for example ransomware or a cryptolocker, and not being able to use your own data on your computer/server. You can no longer work. You have lost your data. Paying is in most cases not an option. What do you do?

A safe solution

Fortunately there is a profitable solution: a secured backup in an external datacenter. There your data is stored safely. And if the company taking care of your backup is ISO/IEC 27001 certified, and your data is stored in a Dutch datacenter, you can be assured that everything is as it should be. Mindtime Backup is an ISO certified company, storing your data safely on our own servers in datacenters in the Netherlands. Because your data is stored encrypted, no one has access to your data except you. That is because you own the encryption key. Even Mindtime Backup cannot read your data. It is guaranteed to be safe, as long as you do not share the encryption key with anybody else.

Our experiences

Every week we speak with partners asking for support or advice from our technical support for restoring data after a cyber attack. And those are the ones we know about. Many IT-service providers have had this experience before and know how to cope with it. We do not hear from them so we expect that the weekly number of cybercrime victims is much higher. Our customers are lucky, they have access to a reliable backup from before the cyberattack. They can restore their data and continue working shortly after that.

If you have been a victim of ransomware you know that your business continuity can be seriously impacted. You cannot use your administration or your propositions or your correspondence and e-mail is inaccessible. How nice it is to have a good and safe backup. To know that even after a cyberattack on your IT-systems, your business is out of harm’s way. Your IT-service provider helps you to clean the infected system and recovers your data from before the cyberattack or infection. Shortly after, you can continue working like nothing has happened. Continuity is guaranteed.

Mindtime Backup is ISO Certified

Many backup companies show off with the ISO certificates of the datacenters where their servers are running. Good. The datacenter is certified. But the backup company itself? How do they handle your data and customer information? And the collateral risks?

Mindtime Backup is ISO 27001 certified by Dekra –­ an international, recognised certifier. All our processes and procedures regarding data security and privacy have been judged by their strict standards and approved. This means that not only your data, but also your customer information is secure at Mindtime Backup.

By clicking the Dekra icon below you can download our ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certificates as pdf files.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

As of the 25th of May 2018 the new European Law General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will commence. Mindtime Backup is ready for this new legislation. We have realised this new legislation in our Terms and Conditions. Further we have appended our Data Processing Agreement in which we register how to handle customer data. During installing or updating our software, the customer concords to the Terms and Conditions and to the Data Processing Agreement. You can also download the Terms and Conditions an the Data Processing Agreement from our website. You can find it at Downloads.

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