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15 May 2017News

Large international attack with ransomware

Last weekend there was a large international cyberattack hitting hundred thousands of companies and private persons worldwide with ransomware called WannaCry.

There has to been seeen and read a lot about in the media. In the UK hospitals have been affected, in France a factory of Renault had been shut down to prevent spreading the ransomware throughout the companies IT landscape and in the Netherlands Q-Park parking garages were affected.

The main goal of the cybercriminals was to hijack the affected computers and demand $ 300 ransom in bitcoin loot. Until now it seems that the looted ransom has not reached high numbers yet. The polices advice is not to pay the ransom. Also read our article about what to do and what not to do when affected by ransomware.

WannaCry uses a security leak in Microsoft Windows SMB Server. The leak has been repaired by a patch, released on May 14., 2 days after the start of the large cyberattack. Oposit to the rumours, the attack concentrates on this leak only, and WannaCry does not spread through email at this moment. Microsoft customers using the latest version of Windows 10 using the latest patches of Windows Defender are not affected according to Microsoft. The security leak used by WannaCry it the same that is known as EternalBlue, used by the NSA. The code was published online a while ago by a group calling themselves Shadow Brokers. They stole the code from the NSA.

The best protection against ransomware next to up to date software is having a secure extgernal backup containing all your important company data. Until now this is the best and most secure proven concept. Even while a cyberattack is underway, you can be certain that you are not going to lose your data. And if you been hit, you can proceed your daily business only a few hours later with your most current data.

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